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Shopper Klarissa


Practical shopper bag “Klarissa” in a minimalist design made of high quality materials.

This shopper offers a perfect balance between functionality and style. A larger laptop 15 “, A4 format paper documents or spontaneous purchases will fit in, so that this large handbag will be your ideal companion at work, university, school or for your intended use.

The thick, robust high quality materials allow this bag to handle heavy weights.

The handles have a comfortable length and can be carried with the outstretched hand, over the elbow as well as over the shoulder. Hand-made in a small family workshop in Portugal from luxurious wool felt and vegetable tanned leather.

Robust zipper offers security and the inner pocket provides additional comfort.

Outside dimensions on the bottom (without handles): length x height x width 430x380x100mm upper dimension with the opened push buttons 520mm.

  • anthracite
  • coral
  • eggshell melange
  • light grey melange
  • moss
  • mud
  • ocher
  • taupe

When choosing our materials, quality, sustainability and transparency are paramount. This is why we only use vegetable tanned leather and pure wool felt. The vegetable tanning process is very time-consuming and environmentally friendly in comparison to conventional industrial processes, which mostly use harmful substances such as heavy metals. Leather made in this way maintains its natural liveliness, small scars and color differences. This characteristics are therefore quality features and no reason for complaint. Due to the natural origin of the tannins, a leather gains more character over time and usually becomes darker. With the appropriate care with leather fat this leather can serve for a very long time.

All of the tanneries selected by Urstil meet the highest technical and environmental standards. The used 100% wool felt is 3mm thick and has a very high density acting water-repellent. The bag will stand the light rain. However, if your demand for weather resistance is higher, you should use an impregnation spray of your choice (please pay attention to the materials for which this spray is intended before buying / using it). You can also purchase a bottle here in the shop. Please pay attention to the fact, that utilization of the impregnation spray has impact on original properties of wool and vegetable tanned leather.

For the care of sensitive vegetable tanned leather, we also offer a high quality agent that does not stain clothing (check our other items in the shop). You can also use neutral, non-dyed leather grease, but let the bag infiltrate for 1 day so that the grease residue is not transferred to the clothing.

For more detailed care information please read our recommendations.

Felt color

anthracite, coral, eggshell melange, light grey melange, moss, mud, ocher, taupe

Leather color

beige, beige-brown, chestnut, nature, smog, tundra

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