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Searching for the simple things and hardly being able to find a fashion style that is rooted in tradition, uses crafted manufacturing methods and sustainable materials, at the same time staying modern and stylish – the idea of Urstil was born.

Going back to the essences, using high quality materials we want to break boundaries of consumer driven fashion industry which enhances the exploitation of manpower and natural resources by hunting higher profits and staying up with the seasonal change pressure

We care about environment and ethical manufacturing process, attentively choosing the materials and working with smaller traditional manufacturing companies

We don’t focus on too many things, but we’re quite good at what we do. Our products have sleek, timeless design and a comfortable touch.Find beauty in this universal aesthetics, try our products and see for yourself. Let the love story begin…

Comfort without compromising on style

Sustainable choices

During realization of design there are some choices we make for the quality and sustainability of our production. The choice of materials is one of the most important steps by the sourcing decisions. For Urstil products we made a commitment of using  100% wool, recycled materials and only vegetable tanned leather, which preserves natural skin’s rich and unique character and our suppliers are carefully chosen among companies fabricating in Italy and Portugal.

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