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  • Why vegetable tanned leather?

    What is the technology behind leather tanning?  The leather making process is one of the oldest technology and started to be developed with the meat consume. There are different methods of preparing animal hides and skins for future utilization as leather. Tanning is the process of treating animal skins to produce leather - a durable [...] More
  • Why Wool?

    Wool has unique characteristic and possess very special properties, which can not be matched by other fibres. Due to complex protein structure wool fibre outstands with its resilience, elasticity and durability.  It has extraordinary abilities of humidity exchange, making it a perfect isolation medium. Especially thicker felted [...] More
  • Why cork insoles?

    Cork is a versatile natural material, having wide spectrum of utilization from flooring to stopping wine bottles. In shoes, the material's remarkable properties shows themselves to the best advantage. What makes cork so special? It is shock absorbing and softens impact by walking at hard surfaces, dissipating energy It is an [...] More

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How the jorney began?

Beeing a native of Russia, Elina cherished the child memories of wearing hand crafted wool felt boots, called Valenki. There were no better material choice than wool to pass cold Russian winter. But let’s be honest, design of this traditional boots were fare from what we would call stylish and comfort leaves a lot to be desired.

Why not combine the remarkable characteristics of wool with contemporary design and comfort, using other sustainable resources for production?

Elina took the inspiration to the further level and after some incubation time the idea of Urstil was born.

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