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  • cork insoles

    Why cork insoles? © Sarah joos Cork is a versatile natural material, with wide spectrum of utilization. In shoes, the material's remarkable properties show themselves to the best advantage. What makes cork so special? It is: shock absorbing and softens impact by walking at hard surfaces, dissipating energy an naturally antibacterial product, which also prevents fungus to [...] More
  • wool

    Why Wool? © Katarzyna Mazurowska Facts & Figures   Wool has unique characteristic and possess very special properties which cannot be matched by other fibres. Due to complex protein structure wool fibre outstands with its resilience, elasticity and durability.  It has extraordinary abilities of humidity exchange, making it a perfect isolation medium. Especially thicker felted wool [...] More
  • What is felt

    What is felt and it’s origin?

    So what exactly is felt? Felt is a non-woven textile made of a disordered, difficult to separate fiber material. Unfortunately the term “felt” ist not protected exclusively for its initial meaning and roots, so it is also used for synthetic fibers. When you hold both pieces – synthetical and wool felt in the hand, you …

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